Still life

A live album from the Rolling Stones from 1981. It features the American tour, and was published just in time for the European tour of 1982. The outside features artwork by Japanese artist Kazuhide Yamazaki, who also did the stage design for the tour.

I would expect I could find some more about the artist, since I kind of like it. All I could find was a link to this very same album, as if that is the only thing he did. Since this is not easily shown on Spotify, this is what it looks when you unfold the gatefold.

you can even see Mick standing there
Who is Alan Rogan?

Alright… Alan Rogan was the guitar technician that took care of Mick & Keiths (I suppose) guitars. Not only theirs, for a lot of other famous guitarists. He also took care of the guitar Eric Clapton played on his famous “Unplugged” album. He died of cancer in 2019.

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