The warningÿche-The-Warning

Queensrÿche was formed in 1980, and The Warning would be their first full studio album. I think there actually was one before this, that created the name of the band, even though that might not be considered a full album. Technicalities, but it seems the band is full of that.

It would take the band another four years to reach their full potential. That would be the moment I was very much into the band. I’ve even seen them at one point, live in Rotterdam. That must have been around 1996, when they were already on their decline. The performance at that concert was just bad and uninspired.

They still exist, with three founding members still in place, but without singer Geoff Tate. The high pitched singer was fired by his bandmates in 2012, and subsequently dragged them in a court case about the use of the name.

Even before Tate was fired, the band changed totally. They have a totally different sound, and cannot even stand in the shadow of their former incarnation.

the hair!!

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