Guillaume Dufay – Complete secular music

Worldly music from the greatest composer of the early renaissance, performed and recorded in real high quality in 1981 by the Medieval Ensemble of London. So why was I still tired of it after listening to this massive box?

Well, with six records this was quite a long listen. But there is something else, something all these records from the 80s share. They take their art a little bit too seriously. In trying to complete all the music, in trying to do it as diligently as they could, and all its historical beauty, they missed something.

I found out much later, when I bought a cd somewhere near 2005. It was a cd with English dancing music from I believe the eighteenth century. It was also done in the historically informed performance style, but it had what I was missing all that time: it literally oozed joy.

When I listen to these records I find all of them have something in common. They all take their craft so seriously, they forget to have fun along the way. The energy is left at the door, and what is left is academic excellence, but no real soul, no profound joy at playing.

That is the reason why I almost never listen to these anymore, as impeccable performed and recorded as they are.

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