I knew you were waiting (for me)


The year 1987 was an eventful year for George Michael: it was the height of Wham’s popularity, and it was the start of his solo career. Yet it proved possible to write and perform a song with one of his heroes: Aretha Franklin. The duet was a huge hit.

For Aretha Franklin the hit was much needed. Her career had gotten stuck for a while, and this hit gave her younger audiences. Are the Franklin was born in Memphis 1942 as the daughter of a minister. Discovered as a gospel singer, she was already a star at 18.

With numerous awards and honours, she is maybe the best known female singer ever. At least Rolling Stone magazine thought so when they ranked her number 1 in their list of best singers of all time. And yes, that beats the King. She died in 2018, George Michael a year before.

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