Ice on fire

For me this is the Elton John album. Probably because I heard it a lot, and that has its influence. It is known mainly for Nikita (it gets the title from the lyrics of that song) and Wrap her up. Elton John is using more new wave style in the songs, and that might have helped me liking it as well.

One song that is not mentioned at all, is Cry to heaven. I am certain it was a big hit during Christmas that year. The album came out in November 1985, so the timing fits. I still like the song very much, though I’m usually not one for Christmas songs.

However, no mention of it on both English and Dutch versions of wikipedia. Also, the numbers on Spotify don’t lie: it doesn’t get much attention at all. Try it yourself: what do you remember about this song?

Who is the guy?

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  1. Aleanrahel

    Cry to Heaven is actually the only reason I own this album. I consider it one of the best songs by Elton ever. It is a lot darker than most of his songs and therefore a bit of an odd duck on this album as well.

    Quite a change of mood from the hit Nikita that dominated the charts at that time. The clip for Cry to Heaven can still be found on Youtube, with an almost unrecognizable Elton in it.