Operation mindcrime


Whenever somebody says ‘I remember’ I repeat the words of the first song of this record: I remember now. I remember how it started. And when you see me in a hospital mumbling Doctor Jane Hamilton, Doctor Jane Hamilton: here is where that comes from.

I cannot think of a single metal album that made more impression on me than this one. The third album (or the second, pfff) of Queensrÿche is both a metal opera and an outstanding work of progressive metal.

The album tells the tale of Nikki, a reluctant operative that is sent to kill foreign political leaders. When he is sent to kill a prostitute called Mary, he discovers he is in love with her and that he doesn’t want to kill her. Love doesn’t lead him to happiness however, as he loses his mind in the process and ends up in an asylum.

The band has toured the full story during the tour for the next album two years later, but it was already published in short video clips.

again, hair

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