Tina’s third album, made right after her divorce from Ike Turner. A gatefold with a huge picture of Tina that I’m going to keep for myself. The album was not very successful, and according to Spotify, Tina Turner didn’t even exist before Private Dancer, six years later.

In style, it is clear that she’s going to be more disco and rock than blues or country. The first two solo albums were very much in the country style she was doing in her show with Ike Turner. But that new style had to grow a bit.

I really like the song Sometimes when we touch. I knew it already, but in a Dutch version by Rob de Nijs. His version is called Hulpeloos voor jou, and the text is different. He used the melody though, and the song was a small hit at the time (1985). There are 104 version with the English name, but if there are more artists like Rob de Nijs, who knows where it may have ended up.

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