Born in the U.S.A.

Twelve songs out of a total of eighty (!) Bruce Springsteen created in studio sessions between 1982 and 1984. These twelve went on to make history, and made Bruce a rich man. The record sold a staggering fifteen times platinum, up to 1995. By 2012 the counter reached 30 million.

Does that mean it is a good album? It doesn’t have to be, of course. Money and numbers don’t tell a musical story. But these are classics, and it is a joy to listen to this album. Except that my version has this.


the first two or three songs on each side are basically damaged beyond repair. I don’t remember if this was always the case. If it wasn’t, I don’t know when it happened. No damage on the outside is visible. A shame.

The famous cover led to some issues, with people thinking the Boss was pissing on the American flag. Bruce’s comment was cooly: My ass looked better than my face.

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