The concerts in China

There are some nice anecdotes on wikipedia about these concerts. 1981 marks the first time in decades the Chinese people could listen to foreign music. Mao had died in 1976, and it was a different China, more open to foreign culture. So French synthesizer giant Jean Michel Jarre was invited to play.

It was to be a series of five concerts. At the first concert it turned out there was not enough power, so the officials just cut the power to the surrounding neighbourhood. Mostly, the concerts suffered from lack of audience involvement. Not enough tickets were sold, and the people that were there had to leave early because of the last bus leaving at ten.

The resulting recording is good though. I am surprised at how fresh it still sounds. I remember when I bought it, it was a bit of a disappointment, but now that I listen to it again, it is better than I remembered.

the inner sleeve
are those the real tickets?

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