Dvořák – Piano Quartet in D, op 23


Composer Josef Suk married Dvořák’s daughter Otilie, in 1898. They had one child, a son they called Josef. Josef Jr in turn had a son, and he again called him Josef. This great-grandson of Antonin Dvořák plays the violin on this record.

They didn’t know each other though: Dvořák died in 1904, when Josef Jr didn’t have it in him to conceive a son. It didn’t stop Josef Suk Jr Jr to create this beautiful record though. I might have some issues with the recording, but the performance is magnificent. Do try out what four Josefs have created.

Nowhere on the record is it stated this is the Suk Trio, but since that famous trio existed from 1951 to 1990, and this recording is from 1983, it must have been. The Suk Trio had very different lineups in the time it existed, but it always revolved around Josef Suk, and sometimes had Josef Chuchro on cello. Also, they recorded in the Rudolfinium in Prague, where this recording is also made.

You’re not fooling me guys.

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