Chants de la liturgie Slavonne

The album that started my search for liturgical songs. I heard it first at a friends house, and I didn’t know what I was hearing. This was so completely new to me! The recording was made in the sixties, as part of a larger series. It has been published in many forms and can be easily found. I wrote earlier about Chevetogne.

The Benedictine abbey of Chevetogne was founded in 1925, so it is not that old. It is dedicated to a unified Church, where East and West meet. The Christian Church has been divided since centuries between two major forms: Eastern Orthodox, and a Western Roman Catholic Church. The monks of Chevetogne do what they can to bring the two closer together.

The abbey has two churches, one for the East, and one for the West. Though they are technically Benedictine monks, they live and pray according to the liturgy of the East. Interestingly for Dutch: former bishop Baer from Rotterdam has been a monk here since 1954. There is even an album from the monks under his direction.

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