Tracey Chapman

The very successful debut of the activist artist with the same name. The song Fast car took the world by storm, as marketing idiots would now tell you. The album went multiple times platinum. For an artist that was only signed two years before, it was a staggering success. Success that quickly dwindled with subsequent records. Her last album so far is from 2009. Anyone hear them?

Funnily, part of that success also came from exposure during a concert for Mandela’s 70th birthday. She was booked for the concert, but was able to sing some more while surprise act Stevie Wonder was looking for his keyboards. I suppose performing during the time slot of the major act did her mountains of good.

Listening at her voice now, it didn’t age well. The sound is so specific, and very much tied to that time. I can feel the poverty of which she sings. Not because of the lyrics, but more because of the memory of that time. Maybe it is just me?

smiling on the inside

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