Lieder Russischer Meister


Tcherepnin. Have you ever heard of him? Nikolai Tcherepnin was a composer, conductor and pianist. He was born in a wealthy family in 1873 studied under Rimsky-Korsakov and had a successful career as conductor and pianist. He wrote works in all kinds of music, and then died in 1945. I should have known him already, because he finished Mussorgsky’s opera The fair at Sorochinsk.

Gretchaninow. Have you ever heard of him? A contemporary of Tcherepnin, but I already saw him in this blog as a composer of liturgical works. Here there are some rather nostalgic songs. He also wrote five symphonies and four quartets, one of which I’m listening to while writing it. It is actually quite good.

Surprises all over.

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