Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor


Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald’s debut album from 2010 is very much a marketing affair. The songs are well written, but somehow I am wondering if some of them are just there to create the wanted atmosphere. I suppose that can be a good thing, but here the good voice of Caro Emerald is almost disappearing in the other creative choices.

The trio of writers and producers David Schreurs, Vincent Degiorgio en Jan van Wieringen conceived this as a studio project, and they used Amsterdam born Caro Emerald for a demo. They tried looking for another singer, but the first single was already picked up by local TV station AT5 in 2008. Caro seemed to be the right choice for the rest of the album.

I can be cynical all I want about this album, but there is no denying its value. It took the music world by storm, staying at the top of the album charts for 30 weeks. And listening to it is still a joy.

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