Dvořák – Dumky trio / Brahms – Klavierquartett in C-mol op 60


Dumky is the plural of dumka, which in its turn is the diminutive of duma, an epic story of a thoughtful nature. In musical terms it translates to a formal composition based on folk tunes, instrumental and with sudden changes from melancholy to exuberance. Or so the wiki says. Dvořák made a lot of them, and he hid them in so many of his works. This trio though is made of six of these, hence the title.

When I bought this record I was specifically looking for it. I had heard it many times at a friends house, and became quite impressed with it. I didn’t notice that mine is the mono version. It still is not noted on the cover (mine is a little different from what I’m showing here). It does explain why I was never really happy with my recording: it just sounds a bit flat. Good performance, for sure, just bad recording.

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