Dvořák – Requiem


Dvořák Was fifty years old when he wrote his requiem. The requiem is a liturgical work in commemoration of a deceased. Many composer wrote one, usually because of the death of someone dear. Dvořák Wrote his for a music festival in Birmingham. They asked him to write a work of “some importance”.

He conducted it himself in 1891. It was a success, but the requiem never got the popularity that Fauré’s, Verdi’s or Mozart’s has. Performances are few and far between. I’m not convinced of the performance on this record, to be honest.

A requiem is also a testimony of the composers relation to death, and by extension to God. This relationship for Dvořák was one of sorrow because of all the people to say goodbye to, to nature and to music. But death also belonged to life, is a part of it.

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