Chopin – Klavierkonzert nr. 1 E-moll op. 11


Heinrich Hollreiser lived for 93 years and was a German conductor. This recording is made of him conducting the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. I have checked the wiki site in four languages, and none of them mentions this combination, so it must have been a guest performance. What two of the wiki pages do mention, is him also being a ghost conductor.

Wait, what?

A ghost conductor according to this article is a name for a conductor that does not exist. For reasons unknown, there are some recordings that have not existing names on them. It might be because the record company just didn’t know who it was, but it might also be less innocent: to evade copyright claims.

According to a publication mentioned in the article, Hollreiser was conducting the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra for a recording of Wagner. As George Richter. It would be interesting to know how the writer of this publication, a certain Jonathan Brown, came to find out.

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