Liszt & Bartók – Songs


An odd album considering the combination of composers. Even though Liszt lived through most of the nineteenth century, he died not long after Bartók was born. Liszt used a much more romantic musical language, where Bartók experimented with jazz and folk influences. What they do have in common is their country: they both come from Hungary. Also, they both were pianists.

And that is probably why they are put together on this record, for the performers come from that same country. As is to be expected, the recording is well done, by Decca. From what I understand on the wiki page, singer Sylvia Sass was at the height of her career. She won some international prizes and stood next to Placido Domingo in the Scala in Milan. And then after the seventies nothing is happening. This record is from 1981, and about the last thing I can find from her. From what I understand, she’s still alive at 72 (and actually looking better than on the picture on this album, if I may say so).

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