Live at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh


I have written earlier about The Corries, two Scots singing folk tunes from their country. I first got to know them from a tape that I got from a friend. I managed to make a copy of the tape, and for years that was all I could hear from them. It took a long time before I found them on record.

The tape was a recording of the first record of a series of concerts in Scotland. The records that I found later were not live recordings, and they were not nearly as good. The Corries were better at live performances than in the studio. Or maybe the recordings were better made: from 1958 onwards they were part of the Hoot’nanny Show, a regular television show on the BBC about their heritage. Maybe either their experience in doing the tv shows and performing live made them better.

There are not that many live recordings made outside of that series, but this is one. And I think it is the best one ever made. More’s the pity that it’s not on Spotify.

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