Midnight blues


Hudson Woodbridge was born around 1903 in Georgia. His parents died when he was still a child, so he was raised by his aunt and grandmother in Tampa, Florida. He started his career on the streets in his hometown, and soon developed a distinctive slide and bottleneck technique in his playing the guitar. He had his first recording in 1928, and scored a big hit with It’s tight like that. He was active between 1920 and 1960, during which he recorded an estimated 335 songs.

After the death of his wife in 1953 Woodbridge fell on hard times. He turned to the bottle and was discovered by blue expert Jim O’Neal on Chicago’s Southside in 1974, his National steel guitar stolen and the electric guitar he used in later recordings tucked under his bed. He died in a slightly better state in a nursing home in 1981.

Though I couldn’t find this particular record on Spotify, I urge readers to try and find music of Tampa Red. If you like slide guitar and hokum blues: blues with innuendo and a bit of vulgarity.

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