Stop making sense


Just like the movie, the streaming/cd edition has seven more titles

Maybe the best music film ever made. If you don’t know this, listen to it. You won’t be able to stop moving and dancing. I don’t like funk, I don’t like Talking Heads that much, but somehow every time I listen to this I cannot help but smile. If you can watch the movie itself: the stage presentation is important.

I didn’t know this until a friend of mine pointed me to it. He gave me a copy of the cd version, and after listening to it I rushed to the store to find it on dvd (you know, when you still could buy those!). So now I have the cd, the dvd and the lp. I mean, I might have missed something!

The budget of 1.2 million dollar was paid by the members of the band themselves. The idea was a concert film with their best songs. It came out in 1984, grossing 5.1 million at the box office. Since then it is seen by many to be the best music film ever made, and has been selected for inclusion in the American national film registry of the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

This year in September, a remastered version of the movie will be coming to film theatres worldwide. It has also been adapted to the IMAX format, and comes with new remastered versions of the music. Also on vinyl…

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