Erik Satie Vol 3


Something I wrote about earlier: there are two reference performances of the piano works of Erik Satie: Reinbert de Leeuw and Aldo Ciccolini. Because of the speed at which they are played, Ciccolini’s performance feels a bit more up to date, a bit less dreamy. Both are good interpretations in their own right though.

I cannot find this specific record on Spotify, but I’m sure all these recordings are there. Just not this particular collection. Do search for it and compare with Reinbert de Leeuw. So much of the appeal of classical music lies in that. It is good to compare, and to find your own preference. The works are the same, it is in the translation of these to our ears that we find beauty. And short compositions like these are a good way to train your appreciation of classical music, and to find your preference.

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