For the beauty of confusion


Belgian singer Geike Arnaert was the fourth singer of triphop band Hooverphonic. During their almost 30 years existence, the three other members of the band managed to go through a staggering ten singers, one of which is Geike. She went solo after 11 years of singing in the band, but has since 2020 returned to her old roots and is now the Hooverphonic singer once again.

I bought the record because I liked the voice of the singer, and then it turned out it wasn’t the same. The one I had in mind was Noémie Wolfs. So at first I was a bit disappointed. However, the album grew on me. When I listened to it now, it sounded alright. For Dutchies: in 2017 she sang Zoutelande with Bløf.

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