Anyone can buy the (almost) complete concert of Kirlian Camera at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig at YouTube. Did I say buy? No of course, it is for free! You just have to go through the ritualistic viewing of some adds every ten minutes, or pay the price to YouTube. Why am I rattling on about this, you might ask? Well, I’m a bit worried with this. The money is not going to the band. The money is going to whoever has created that video. A video that was made over the shoulders and in front of the faces of people that went to the concert.

I didn’t watch the video, I do not want to add to the numbers of watchers. I do not want my money to go to people that consistently put their phone in front of me to make those movies. It is annoying and it destroys the happiness of anybody going to that concert. So for the love of music, can we stop making these?

If you want to see Kirlian Camera, go do it. They are on tour: London in November, Germany in December. Give you money to the right people, and leave your camera in your pocket.

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