Ba Ba Banküberfall (Kriminell-Lange Maxi-Version)


The 12 inch version of the song I wrote about earlier. This recording is just a little less catchy, more like other songs of the bands are. It gives me the impression the single is produced more commercially, maybe by someone else. There is no information about it on Discogs though, and I couldn’t find it on the single itself. On the website of the band it is mentioned there was a re-release in 1986, so maybe it is this one that I have.

The website of the band, and the wikipedia page says the band dissolved in 2019. They published their farewell concert on their last album that year. But there are some remainders popping up after that: a Christmas collection in 2021 and two singles, one of which a version of an older song with lyrics changed to comment about the corona crisis of 2020.

Küss die Hand, Pandemie!
Du neue Schicksalsmelodie!
Coroni, Corono, Corona!
Küss die Hand, Pandemie!
Ischgl feiert Apres Ski,
kurzem Profit folgt Schaden über’s Jahr!

It looks like the singer just couldn’t help but sing out his frustration, like so many of us felt.

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