Musik in Versailles


Keyboard player Gustav Leonhardt with the brothers Kuijken, playing music from the French royal court. This is a collection of works focused around the early French baroque. This golden age of French music has some great composers, the likes of Lully and Marin Marais. The last of those is featured here extensively, in I must say a superb performance. But what is more, the recording really took my breath away.

The clarity and space in the sound makes me want to listen to it over and over again. Which I did. The recording engineer that did the job was a certain Alfred Krings. Professor and doctor in what looks like Cologne, Germany. For this Alfred worked together with a Hungarian engineer called Thomas Gallia. Both have passed away long ago already. Although not easy, it pays off to look at these names on a recording, especially if they consistently deliver high quality recordings.

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