Codo…Düse Im Sauseschritt


Science-fiction parody by the Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl, Döf. Originally Döf was the title of the album created by a combination of mostly Austrian cabaret artists. Tauchen and Prokopetz are the names of the two leading writers, but there were more involved. Especially Inga Humpe needs mentioning, as she is the voice singing the famous refrain on this song, and she is registered as composer.

Codo tells a short story about a creature from out of space, that visits the earth to bring the fun back. Fun and mostly love. If you don’t recognise this title, I urge you to try, and listen to the refrain. It was very popular when it came out, but later on it is totally ignored. Something that never ceased to amaze me.

The B-side of the single is a rant about nothing. The two writers are telling you that this is really not the right side. This one is empty. Here is nothing, really nothing. You have to turn it around! It goes on like that for five minutes, it is hilarious.

Less hilarious is that the famous melody of the refrain is literally stolen from Holger Biege, a songwriter from the GDR. What is worse is that Inga Humpe was boasting about it, saying the Ossis (derogatory term for people from former Eastern Germany) couldn’t do anything about this kind of plagiarism anyway. They came later to an understanding about it.

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