Devant le miroir


I am trying to find out where the picture on the album cover is taken. A reverse image search is not making me any wiser, but somehow I got two instances of Ieper showing up. Can this be the market square in Ieper? It might fit, as the band is also into martial music, and the Belgium city of Ieper is very involved with the memory of the battles of the First World War.

This record is better than the one I was writing about yesterday. It is also made a few years earlier. As people sometimes claim: you have to have the older album, they used to be better!

There are small differences between my album on vinyl and the one presented on Spotify, or on CD. One song on CD is not in the LP, and two songs from the LP are not on the CD. Smart, so if you are really a fan you’ll have to buy both. I didn’t.

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