Every rose has its thorn


The third single of the second album of glam rock band Poison. The band’s signature song was written as a power ballad after singer and leader of the band Bret Michaels found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. He was waiting for his laundry to dry and called his girlfriend at home. He heard a man’s voice in the background (dead giveaway!). Michaels hung up and wrote the song.

This song is very much guilty pleasure: a song that is cheesy and has no artistic value, but sounds good just the same. The cover of the album was censured because parental groups in America found it disturbing for their kids. A woman with such a long tongue…

Somewhere around the time this song came out, I woke up several times with it. I was staying in a rented vacation home with some friends, and one of them put this on in the morning. It must have been on repeat, because I still remember the song way too well.

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