Life is life


The Slovenian band Laibach pictures itself as an art project that wants to confront their public with the hypocrisy they claim is everywhere. They’re doing that by creating grotesk versions of well known songs. If I would say they are covering them I am technically correct, but it is not the whole story. Here they are treating the Opus song Live is life from 1984.

The first time I saw Laibach was in Leipzig at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2001. They were playing at a special outdoors gig because of the ten years anniversary of the festival. I think it was the loudest concert I’ve ever been at, but luckily it was outside. However… as it turned out, most of that day was nice except at the end of the Laibach concert. At the last notes of Life is life the clouds above our heads broke in a torrentuous rain. Cats and dogs and whatever else was falling from the sky. While the band was expecting the last applause, we had to run for cover.

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