Listen to the man with the golden voice


MY first vacation alone was to my grandparent’s house near Rotterdam. Now you might think Rotterdam is a big city and it is, but the house was a temporary construction on a dike in the countryside. My grandfather denied that it was happening, but the house was slowly sliding down the slope of the dike. As a result nothing was straight. My grandfather was just used to it I think. Maybe he thought the rest of the world was not straight, but his house was.

When I say alone, I mean without my parents. I was with a friend from school, and we spent our time there adventuring outside, but mainly developing card games. Every one of them relied on speed, and designing them was a lot of fun. Somewhere I must still have the typed out rules.

This single is very much connected to that friend. We lost touch, but I do wonder sometimes how he is. Things didn’t go too well with him after we went to highschool, to say he was leading a colourful life is not exaggerating. I hope he’s doing well now.

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