Ooops up


This second single of the debut album of German Snap! was a reworking of a song by funk band The Gap Band from 1980. I just listened to the original song, and I remember it. Both songs are about funny accidents and Murphy’s law. These are expressed several times with references to nursery rhymes.

Snap! (with the exclamation mark belonging to the name) is one of the many producer borne ideas in German music at the start of the Nineties. It doesn’t matter who is doing the singing, dancing or the is the current frontman/woman of the act. The real power in the band lies with the producers and the record company. It reminds me a bit of the famous incident with Milli Vanilli.

Founding producers Münzing and Anzilotti published at first under American stagenames, because of the bad international perception of German music. Indeed, they were fooling me. I had no idea this was a German act. Did you?

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