The neverending story


My sister took me to the cinema when I was about 13 years old. To see this movie, and I loved every bit of it. In the next few months I devoured the book. It was the first fantasy book I ever read. It was totally new to me. Via a review I found in the library it led me to Tolkien. The review was not very favourable, I remember it said something along the lines of “The Hobbit is nothing compared to this”. It was referring to the many different fantastical creatures that had a role in the story.

So because that was exactly the part that I liked the most about the book, I had to read The Hobbit. Naturally I asked my sister, and she pointed me to her book case. I found more books by Tolkien. A whole new world opened up before me. Imagine my feelings when I found this record!

This song is performed by the lead singer of the 80s new wave band Kajagoogoo, known from the song Too shy. He already left the band by that time. Limahl is an anagram of his last name: Chris Hamill.

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