Voodoo chile


New York, May 2 1968. After a recording session of Electric Ladyland Jimi Hendrix was jamming a bit on Muddy Waters Rollin’ Stone. It was at the end of what was probably a long day, but he was not prepared to finish. The resulting song was a staggering fifteen minutes long, with Jimi doing the creative work while playing. It was recorded, and called Voodoo Chile. This is NOT that song.

The next day a short version was made, called Voodoo Child (slight return). This is the song that is on this single. When it was published in the UK in 1970 it got the wrong name. So in the US the two songs were called Voodoo Chile and Voodoo Child (slight return), according to Jimi’s handwritten notes. Track records made it into Voodoo Chile and Voodoo Chile (slight return), only to drop the part between the parentheses a bit later. So Voodoo Child became Voodoo Chile, but only in Europe. And that is still the way it is now. So actually, this is what is on the single:

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