Led Zeppelin


This is an extremely bad recording of a concert in the Paris Theatre in London. It is an unofficial release, and you have to be die hard Lepzepper to like it. I’m not and I don’t. It is weird to find this record in quite an impressive collection though. I wrote about this earlier: the records I’m writing about these last days are coming from an avid collector. So why this?

The record was originally published in the US on the Trademark of Quality label. That label was started in the early Seventies by “Dub and Ken”. When Dub’s father took over the business he fired Ken. With the help of someone working at the record plant, Ken started to steal the record stampers from Dub’s company. As soon as anything came out on the original Trademark of Quality (TMQ) label, Ken created a cheaper version on his label (TMoQ).

Some of the bootleg recordings were greatly appreciated. Bands didn’t have that much live material yet, and fans were crying out for more. What is more, even though record companies were complaining about the bootleggers, some of these recordings ended up in the band’s catalogue because there just was nothing else.

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