We get requests


Supposedly a collection of typical songs that would be requested at a party in the Sixties, this recording by jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and his band came out in 1964. Oscar Peterson was one of the greatest jazz pianists and improvisors of all time, called (by Duke Ellington) the Maharaja of the keyboard. A Canadian by birth, he was commemorated on a Canadian dollar coin in 2022. A delight to listen to, though it might be considered a bit light.

During his recording career spanning half a century, Peterson has worked with mostly everyone in jazz: the likes of Lionel Hampton, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock and Dizzie Gillespie. He was also the pianist on the famous Ella Fitzgerald / Louis Armstrong album Ella and Louis.

This last week I’ve been writing and listening to albums that come originally from a friend’s collection. At the start of the Nineties I got to know this friend, and we had long discussions over lots of drinks. It turned out her mother was working in a record store, and she got a lot of these albums for free as goodies. When I visited my friend’s house I was in awe, because everywhere there were CD’s and LP’s. It was like a treasure trove. Years later my friends mother died, and she left her collection to my friend. I suppose it is still there, except for the records. Many of those came into my possession after they moved and space had to be made. It is a massive collection that will keep me writing for the next months. My thanks of course to… you know who you are.

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