Puccini – Edgar


So, continuing from yesterday. Edgar not only falls in love with two women, he also has two women who love him. It might make the punter jealous, but be careful what you wish for. Edgar’s life is not easy. He doesn’t know who to choose, and eventually lets a test of faith decide who is deserving his heart.

In the first act he comes back after a life of debauchery with the gypsy woman Tigrana. He wants to start a life with Fidelia the faithful. Tigrana tries to win his heart, but to no avail. However, when the villagers harass Tigrana, he defends her and flees with her from the village. He burns his house and his future with Fidelia.

In the second act he comes back after a life of debauchery with the gypsy woman Tigrana. He wants to start… wait. I wrote all this already. This time however, Edgar escapes the lustful clutches of his wild orgy woman by joining the army. His friend Frank passes with a small group of soldiers, and he joins them, leaving Tigrana crying.

In the third act Edgar comes back as a victim of the war. He died, and his body is accompanied by a monk. The monk tells the villagers of all the bad things Edgar did while in the army, and all people that hear the stories believe the stories and curse Edgar. All, except for the two women. Tigrana is offered a bit of gold and then agrees with the rest of the people, cursing Edgar. Only Fidelia defends his honour. Then the monk reveals that he is actually Edgar himself, and he chooses Fidelia, who was faithful to him in his worst moment. In a fit of rage Tigrana stabs Fidelia to death and the curtain falls.

Before you ask, yes, I got this recording twice. This is the American pressing, yesterday I wrote about the European pressing. It seems I’m not the only one that can make these mistakes: both come from the same collection.

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