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Already I’m half way through my collection of “new age” records. I was so happy with them, especially the ones in the landscape series. I think I liked the covers, and I must say, they still are nice looking. The music, ah well…

The back of the record held a small piece of marketing blurb that, while listening, I used to read over and over.
New Age music is a musical development that appeals to those with modern values and taste from Eno to Elgar. Instrumental in most instances it follows the classic traditions of being able to evoke atmosphere and emotion through the playing of instruments.

I was intrigued by the names in there. I didn’t know Eno, I had no idea who Elgar was. A short search through my collection gets me two songs by Brian Eno. We’ll get there in time. The English composer Edward Elgar should have more results. But both of them were totally unknown to me when I got this record. Curious, but not curious enough to try and find them in the local library however. What a bummer.

I got this record as a present from a group of friends I knew from dancing. It might sound sad now, but I believe that was the first group of friends I had. We did a lot of things outside of the weekly dancing lessons. I have good memories of that. One of them was into Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, and much later I learnt about them. I should have listened better.

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