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I admit. I made a mistake. This post is to fix it. Somehow this record is not in my database. However, it is my very first record. Because I decided to include my singles (45rpm) to this blog, I came across this one. It was a big hit in 1981, and a friend of mine bought it in that year. He was perfectly happy with it, and we listened to it together, and talked about how good it was (we were ten).

Then he borrowed it to me. I loved it, but uhm… destroyed it in the process. Made a lot of scratches on it. By the time I was through with it my friend didn’t want it back. I paid him 1 guilder (about 50 eurocents now) and I got my first record. This was actually before I owned a record player.

Nova was two guys in I believe Hilversum experimenting with synthesizers in the studio. They profited from the synthesizer craze that took the country, and made a smashing hit that year. And then they faded into oblivion. Only the oldies still remember it. They made two full length albums, both of which I will write about later.

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