Chariots of fire

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Vangelis! I really tried to collect his recordings in the eighties. Of course, most of it I taped, but this one I got as a present. From my mother, because of my (good?) school results. I still remember how the cover felt when I first had it in my hands. It was a bit grainy. Like there were small grains of sand on it. It felt like a luxury. I only knew the title song, but I loved that. So when I tried it, I was disappointed. One side was all music that was not even in the film! Since this is film music, what was that doing there?

I got over my disappointment, and actually, nowadays I especially like that second half of the album. I listened to it with a bit of nostalgia. The record is from 1981, I probably heard it a couple of years later for the first time. The film I saw even later, when it was on TV. Most people know the music, but how many of us have seen the film? Let me tell you, keep it that way.

I knew Vangelis from a record I taped a few years before (more about that later). I think the music spoke to me because of its simple melodies. Also, there’s no vocals. Those pesky human voices, lets keep them out of my ears! Or so I thought when I was young.

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