Door de wind verteldé-Groote-Door-De-Wind-Verteld/release/2896841

Another one from my (then) radio hero André Groote. I wrote earlier about him. This is actually an earlier release, and it is a little better. Here he is singing, not only speaking as on the other record. I think I listened a lot to this record, because I remember the tunes very well. Did I sing this as well?

My data says I ordered this, probably via the local records store. So I didn’t buy this one at the fair, I really did my best to get it! Was I such a fan?

I remember there was an interview on the radio show I earlier mentioned: Het zwarte gat (Dutch). The interview was with a caller to the show, and done by André Groote. She was not feeling well, and trying to find a cure. In the interview André said she should not be so old in her thoughts. She should more enjoy being young. Or something like that. He sounded very wise in the show. Now I’m looking at the picture on the cover and I’m realising: how old was he when he said that? He doesn’t look that old on the picture.

Youtube has some episodes

So it is again all in the eye of the beholder.

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