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More Vangelis. But this really was a big disappointment. It was not available in the library, so I chose it without having heard it. I asked it for my birthday. I just read on wikipedia that this record was not available on cd for a long time, the first cd being published in 1996, only in Greece.

Given the music, there is a reason. It’s not really ear-tingling. It is dark and moody. This is an acquired taste. Listening to it in the quality that I can enjoy it now though: it comes through. I like it better now than I remember it. The record has more in common with Vangelis’ later ventures into documentary music, so it has a lot of color. This was not film music however, I think it is more Vangelis’ reaction to the Club or Rome (

I’ve always found the cover a bit weird. Black and white (kind of) portrait of what looks like a Greek. Is this a self portrait of Vangelis in 1973? He looks angry. What does he want to say with this. If it is someone else, what is the connection. If it is Vangelis, what is the connection with “Earth”? What is there to see on the left (for us)? It looks like it is making him angry.

So Vangelis lovers: anyone know this one?

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