Golden folk songs

Whisky in the jarrrr. I got this from the same friends of my parents as the Camel record I wrote about before. I don’t remember if I heard the Dubliners before I got the record. I do remember that years later I went to see them live, which I think was my first concert. I was there with a friend that really didn’t like this overwhelming party atmosphere, so no… he didn’t want to stand up and dance like the rest of the venue. It was a nice concert though, and I’m glad I saw these old guys, even though I was only dancing on the inside.

Back then they were already old, and now that crew has been replaced. I think this records came out when they were around 10 years. They had a famous concerttour for their 40th year, and now they already passed 60? I must say, on this record you can almost hear the whisky dripping over the wild beards.

Something that I also see now, on the corner of the inner sleeve, is the original number I wrote down for this record. It is number 67. That means I already had that many records?!? It also means that I removed many of these early possessions already. I’m not going to talk about those anymore (Doc Douma?).

[edit] I found my original ticket!

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  1. Arn

    First of all: Great blog!
    and finally a record I can relate to, well at least a band I know the music of ūüôā
    I’m sorry to say, but I heard the Dubliners as a band were disbanded in 2012, after their 50th aniversary.
    Yes, there were a lot of changes in personnel over the years, but I also think they looked already old on these 70s and 80s album covers because of their beards (and wild hair), while they might not have been older than 30 at the time…

    1. Thanks! And yes, you’re right. I should check my numbers, before posting.
      Keep looking for updates, I try to post them every day. There is something for everyone!