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It was to be the last vacation I shared with my parents, and actually the first one where I had some contact with local girls… We were in France, and the Lambada spread like wildfire. You could hear it everywhere. Even in the small village where we were staying people knew it.

Imagine one of those warm broody evenings in France. Flies buzzing around, sweet scent of I don’t know what flowers mixed with sweaty local farm girls. Little lightbulbs were hung on strings, and people were dancing on the dusty street in front of our camping site. Since I was already an experienced dancer, of course I had to dance too.

I might have made an impression, because some nights later I found myself talking with some of the local girls. Not at that same party though. On that party I was dancing with my mother. That might seem trivial, but I do remember it. Dancing to this song. I don’t think it was very sexy (hey! it was my mother!!) but it is still a good memory.

I bought this record in one of those big French supermarkets, where they’re selling everything. The funny thing about this was that when we arrived back in The Netherlands, the song was not known yet. It came out a few weeks later, with the same result as in France (minus the dance with my mother). I did a special course that year with some kind of special dance that was made for this. Nice sweaty dancing with a nice girl (I met her years later, she was totally into the Lord).

Thanks for the dance mom.

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