More dirty dancing

It is two months later, and I couldn’t get enough. I think for this, and the previous Dirty Dancing, I was running to the record store. Can it be I was still in love? Of course not!

No lyrics this time. There is an inner sleeve, but without those it is a bit uninteresting. No poster also. Jennifer has a second time to come into my hands by way of a nicely printed sexy poster above my bed, but alas. We were not meant to be.

The music is the second choice from the movie, but I think this holds the more interesting choice. That might also have to do with the blackness of this vinyl. The surface clearly looks less used than the earlier one. I might have been listening to this one a bit less. Together the two records have a nice collection of period music from the sixties. Some also a bit surfer music, like Quentin Tarantino made so popular in the middle of the nineties.

Definitely worth another listen on Spotify or something like that.

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