Oase achter glas


Awesome! This must be the number one in my shame contest. Let’s see how many of you know this one. When I bought this, I was very much into this new age thing. I read a dutch magazine, I went to fairs, I listened to a radio show, I did yoga, tarot. I was almost floating.

I also listened to music, usually while doing yoga, or breathing and meditation exercises. All very good, and healthy, but this record…

This was sung by someone that was a regular guest at the radioshow I listened to. In my way I was a bit of a fan. So, I saw him perform, and I bought the record. He died in 2019, I am reading. I don’t know if you recognise this, but every now and then I come across something I used to do before there was internet. Something I never checked on the internet, because back then it didn’t exist. This is one of them, and in writing this, I get to internet-check my own activities and interests at the time.

The second time I went to one of these fairs (in The Hague, I remember), I asked a girlfriend I had at school. She said yes, but then no because her mother didn’t want her to go to that kind of dangerous thing. I was disappointed, because I, you know, kind of liked her. Who knows what would have happened if she did come along.

Maybe that was the reason her mother told her not to go.

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