Rain dances


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This is one of the few records that I kept, coming from a collection of friends of my parents. I chose this a the time for the cover. This made me realise never to judge a record by its cover, because the music is in my humble opinion (oh wait, not!) the most dreadful of 70s prog rock. Luckily because of its dreadful physical state (it was totally bent!) I could not use it for a long time. So it had no influence at all on my musical taste.

Those friends of my parents were related to the band Blondie (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blondie_(band)). In that way, they had some weird promotional records, straight from the record company. That is why this record is an American promo version that was never released in Europe. It took me some time to find an image and a link on Discogs as a consequence.

I’m not going to listen to this record. Well, I tried, but it didn’t work out. It is too badly damaged. Some years ago I have treated it to a flattening job at my local record store (https://www.recordfriendamsterdam.nl), but to no avail. I don’t know if they still have it, but they used to have a machine for flattening bent records. It heats the vinyl a little, and then presses it. Alas, the flattened result still has the remains of the bent in there. I’m not ruining my brand new stylus on it.

Of course, that might be the reason for me not liking the music? No way. I’m not going to revisit my 70s prog rock collection!

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