Date added: 5th of December 1983.

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My very first record! I got this one as a present for Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa present’s party made infamous by David Sedaris.

No, my treat was not given to me by one of the mentioned scary black men. It was given to me by my mother, and I knew. I was old enough to know what was going on, so I asked for it myself, and I got it. It was mentioned a lot on tv at the time, and I was fascinated with this kind of music. So even though it is kind of fake, as it is basically a shameless collection of ripoffs.

I wonder if this kind of record can nowadays still be made. I suppose there was permission given to this so called Star inc (Ed Starink I believe). Would bands give that permission so easily as it was back then? It might be back in 83 the international market was not as open as it is now, which led to these locally marketed versions. The originals I discovered a long time after.

This being my very first record, I was very proud of it. I put a sticker on it telling myself it was my first: “1”. Seeing that back after so many years is touching. The music itself is not. I suppose I’m going to have a lot of bad music to listen to. My music taste has changed a lot through the years.

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