Tchaikowsky* – La Belle Au Bois Dormant – Casse-Noisette – Le Lac Des Cygnes

Spelling a composer’s name has always been difficult. Was this the regular spelling in uhm… what country? Maybe in a certain time? It is now Tchaikovsky, but in Dutch he is called Tsjaikovski. Now try to find him on Spotify. I give up, anyone else?

A collection of famous fragments from his ballets. you know, the famous ones with Degas-like dream girls in swirling flimsy dresses. An image of which is to be found on the cover of this record. The music is a little bit too well known for my taste. I did like this record though. A lot.

Discogs says this is a re-release. Imagine that: this record, as old as it is, is a re-release. It was probably a best seller.

Talk about Spotify: ever tried to find good classical music? This has been a complaint for me for a long time now. Streaming services and tagging. It is an absolute disaster. Sometimes it also has to do with the app you’re using to play it. I won’t get into too much details (see, but if the composer is long dead, how come Mozart is still doing appearances on Spotify?

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    1. Oh wow. And they pride themselves of handling classical music. Much has still to happen in the world of streaming music.