The lion sleeps tonight

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This is a time when Discogs and I part our ways. It mentions 39 different versions, but my cover is not among them. The number is though, so in showing the above picture I’m cheating a little.

The record came to me in the same way: by cheating. It was stolen, from a shop that now doesn’t exist anymore. I understood my sister got it as a present from her bf, who worked there at the time. I also heard that that job was something that many guys that age wanted, because of the perks: you got to steal a lot. Security was a bit too relaxed I guess. I imagine he took a bunch of records under his arm and eloped. Then gave this hard earned loot to his new found girlie. Somehow it got into my collection, probably after the flame had died.

Ah well… Those were the days.

Does anybody else know this song btw?

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